JW Andrassy

JW Andrassy is an Internet Entrepreneur and Marketing Executive with experience in Customer & Traffic Acquisition, with over a 26 years of experience in SEO. Throughout his career, JW has worked with everything from early stage startups, to SMBs, Fortune 500 companies and high-profile brands including Employment Guide (auto trader family) First Chemical Bank and Cindy Margolis, Democratic National Party, Universal Pictures, NYNEX, Sea World, USDA, Sony Pictures.

Prior to co-founding Primateweb, JW served as Sales and Marketing , for Apweb(1995) where he was responsible for leading traffic acquisition Sales and the online marketing team.

Specialties:- Customer & Traffic Acquisition: Major focus in organic sources such as SEO, social media, and content marketing. Strategic knowledge in paid traffic and Email marketing.

– Experience in running daily operations for multi-million dollar businesses with excellent leadership.

– Leadership, Building Teams, and Creating amazing company culture.

– Previous experience in sales based positions doing cold calling, business development and account management.