When Is It Best To Use SEO?

When Is It Best To Use SEO?

SEO refers to a classification of techniques that are aimed to propel a particular website to the first page of the major search engines.

SEO is very important for online businesses, as statistics show that 80% of the traffic that can be generated for any website will come from the search engines. The biggest search engine is undoubtedly Google, which garners more than 400 million searches per day, hence, most SEO campaigns target this specific search engine.

So, when should you use SEO techniques? Below are some circumstances when SEO would prove highly beneficial for an online business.

When consistent results are desired. SEO has a relatively long gestation period. Getting to the first page of search engine results won’t happen overnight or even in a week. Getting to the top of the SERPs will take time. However, once your website gets there via SEO, you will enjoy sustained traffic. Also, if you keep up with your SEO campaign, working to maintain and improve results, you can stay on top for a long time and reap long-term benefits.
When you wish to build an authority site. An authority website is an established resource center for a particular niche. It is the “go to” website whenever members of that niche need certain information. An authority website, once it gets going, will be able to generate lots of traffic based on URL recall alone. The best way to establish an authority website is by sustainably generating traffic to your pages, eventually building up a reputation until it becomes popular enough to dominate its market. The only way to sustainably generate the traffic required is through clever content powered by smart SEO planning.
When you want to increase the value of your website. Websites are virtual real estates. If you’re planning to sell your website for a premium price, you have to increase its value. There are many factors that can contribute to increasing its value. Among them are amount of traffic generated, consistency of traffic generated, page rank, search engine rankings over a period of time, link popularity, and the like. All of these fall in the realm of SEO.

Keep in mind that SEO isn’t “Free Clicks”. It’s a tremendous amount of work in creating and promoting content which takes a great deal of time and money.